Project Share is a TEA initiative to provide collaboration, professional development and ePortfolio opportunites for Texas teachers.

Initial Set-Up Guide for Project Share:

Need Help Logging in to Project Share:

- Teachers New to Round Rock ISD
- Current RRISD District Employees

Multifaceted applications

- TEA professional development resources
- Region XIII professional development resources
- Districts/campuses professional development resources, public and private
- Collaborative groups, blogs, wikis, document sharing, lessons, courses
Resources in Project Share
- New York Times
- iTunes U
- PBS Digital Learning Library
- Texas PBS
What the public sees:
- (RRISD generic logon until staff member receives his/her own - username pshare, password: rrisd)
- of staff public portfolio)
- (example of staff public portfolio)
Helpful links:
- Superintendent's Leadership Retreat Document Sup_Lead_Retreat_project_share.doc
- The TEA Project Share corner with the latest announcements.
- The Region XIII Epsilen (Project Share) corner
- Round Rock ISD Epsilen (Project Share):
- Tutorial video for Project Share
- To receive the account activation email.pdf
- Project_Share_FAQs.pdf
- Project_Share_User_transfer_institutions.pdf