Computer Science Documents for Secondary Counselors

Note from Jeff Mickel, Computer Science Teacher, Westwood High School
Every year, one of the biggest topics of discussion within the Computer Science education community is the concern over dwindling enrollment in advanced computing classes. These are the very courses that provide engineers, IT specialists, and other professionals in mathematic, scientific, and technical fields with the essential skills, understanding, and logical/deductive reasoning needed to be the future industry leaders and innovators of our increasingly technology-oriented world. Unfortunately, today's universities are only producing about half of the number of graduates each year as industry demands. In order to better fill this shortage of skilled thinkers, designers, developers, and problem-solvers, the Computer Science community needs your assistance in helping our students and parents become better informed about the availability and benefits of a study of Computer Science.
In an attempt to counter this national trend of declining enrollment, I've created the enclosed collection of materials in order to assist you in your advising and registration efforts. These items are intended to hopefully provide each of you with a clearer picture of what our Computer Science courses here at Westwood actually teach (i.e., the science of computation), which skill sets they address (e.g., problem solving, analytical thinking, logical reasoning), and how to best match each student with the course or sequence of courses that is right for them.

· Tri-fold Brochure (Recruitment) see below
    • Contains useful information for students and parents about what Computer Science is, how it will benefit them, and what courses are offered.
· Master Plan Packet (Curriculum Planning) see below
    • This is a copy of the overall curriculum planning materials that are used in developing the syllabi and sequencing of the various courses here at Westwood.
    • Provides all relevant information about each course (including description, key topics, prerequisites, available credits, standards, goals, etc.).
If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Computer Science classes, please feel free to contact me of your campus computer science teacher(s) and I/we will be happy to help you.
Triple Fold Flyer (inside)
Triple Fold Flyer (outside)
Master Plan

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